Carpet Cleaning Winnipeg

Carpet Cleaning Winnipeg for 20 years, we have noted carpets are an investment in your home, providing warmth and decor beauty, when kept clean.

We have been Steam cleaning Winnipeg to residue free carpets for a long time!

Specializing in SPECTACULAR commercial and residential, residue-free Carpet Cleaning Services in Winnipeg, Manitoba!

Carpet Cleaning Winnipeg for 20 years

 Steam cleaning carpets – Quality, residue free systems in place for Steam Cleaning Carpets is our specialty. 

We are a family owned and operated business with 30 Years Experience of steam cleaning carpets in Winnipeg, Mb!

Winnipeg Carpet Cleaning uses only the best equipment and solutions to deliver you the absolute best professional carpet cleaning experience you will ever have!

Winnipeg carpet cleaners will soon offer a second option for consumers to choose from;

  • Winnipeg Carpet Cleaning Services option 1 – Our regular Steam Cleaning service consisting of a carpet pre spray made of a special combination of cleaners and enzymes, followed by a complete high pressure rinse of the fibers with our steam cleaner, flushing out dirt and cleaning residue.

  • Super Steam coming soon!


SUPER STEAM VAPOR is generated from a seperate unit other than our hot water extraction unit. It uses actual Steam at a temperature of 190 degrees+. 

Looking for Winnipeg carpet cleaning services that specialize in Steam Cleaning Carpets in Winnipeg, please contact us

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