Carpet Cleaning Winnipeg

  • Carpet Cleaning Winnipeg for 30 years
  • I Specialize in commercial and residential, residue-free Carpet Cleaning Services in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Affordable, trustworthy, respectable, and darned good at what I do.
  • Steam cleaning = hot water extraction
  • I love a challenge!
  • Winnipeg Carpet Cleaning uses only the best equipment and solutions to deliver you the absolute best professional carpet cleaning experience you will ever have!
  • Residue-free carpet cleaning
  • Traffic area = the dirtiest areas around the furniture
  • Each job I keep track of my calorie burn, and seek to maximize the effort I put into providing the best carpet cleaning you have ever had!
  • 3rd floor with no elevator? Outstanding! (subject to small extra charge for time)
  • This section is written people friendly and not google friendly.

You can book by calling/texting 204-391-4744

Looking for Winnipeg carpet cleaning services that specialize in Steam Cleaning Carpets in Winnipeg, please contact us 

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