carpet coffee stains

Carpet stain removal
carpet coffee stains

Carpet Stain Removal – dealing with carpet & tea stains and spills

Removing tea and coffee carpet stains is near impossible without professional carpet cleaning services. The stains are an eyesore to everyone who has ever had to deal with this cleaning issue.

Home cleaning methods can, and usually cause more damage to the carpet fibers – and sometimes end up helping to actually set the stain permanently!

Calling in professional carpet cleaning services in Winnipeg can save a lot of frustration and energy!

The best way to deal with coffee and tea stains is to act as fast as possible.

Please do not use any store bought Carpet Stain Remover. Over the years, I have seen Bissell Carpet Shampoo in a bottle cause more harm than good.

Grab some paper towels or any absorbent cloth or towel and BLOT coffee and tea stains immediately – DO NOT SCRUB as oils may be absorbed faster into the carpet fibers.

Using no more than a cup of cool water (NOT warm or hot) Flush the area of the carpet with the coffee or tea spill. With a fresh absorbent towel, continue blotting the area.

Household items are required to perform the next step – mix two cups of water with ¼ cup of lemon juice. Add a bit of liquid dish detergent as well. If you don’t have lemon juice available, you can substitute one-third cup white vinegar to two-thirds cup water. This solution is to be applied sparingly with a sponge, careful not to soak the sponge, but instead making it damp with the solution. Work the coffee or tea stain from the outside to the inside very gently rubbing in a circular motion.

Follow this step with the earlier step of cool rinse and blotting.

To ensure the best success with for carpet stain removal, you should call a professional carpet cleaning service to finish the job for you. The problem is easily solved by an experienced carpet cleaning service. The tea & coffee stains are removed  without a store bought carpet stain remover such as Bissell Carpet Shampoo, and with expert experience and attention.

A spot removal test should always be performed on a portion of carpet or upholstery that is out of sight.

These are suggested for carpet stain removal treatments only. cannot be held accountable for any damage sustained by use of the treatments in this spot removal technique