Furniture cleaning

Furniture Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Couch Cleaning

Furniture cleaning
It doesn’t matter if you call it Furniture Cleaning, sofa cleaning, or couch cleaning. It’s all the same.

The method of using steam cleaning is very easy to apply and very effective. It is mostly used on carpets, but it can also be used and very effective when used for furniture cleaning.

This article will be more about the use of high temperature steam cleaning and it’s effectiveness against mites when used as a pre-step to regular steam cleaning.

People tend to be ignorant of the dangers of dust mites, particularly if they don’t have kids. The truth is these tiny monsters live on the dander from dead skin that falls off our body every day. They are also on our pets. A mattress that has been used for over a decade and has not once been cleaned can have thousands if not millions of dust mites living in it. If you are frequently waking up with a runny nose, watery eyes and wheezing, chances are that mattress is infected with dust mites.

Steam cleaning is done every six months to one year. The main reason why steam cleaning is very effective is against Mites because of the high temperature used. The temperature of the emitted steam kills every living thing it comes in contact with. This is perfect for getting rid of mites when using it for sofa cleaning or couch cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning quick tips:

  • Vacuum first: the first thing you need to do is to get rid of dust making using of a vacuum cleaner, this assists in the overall results.
  • Pretreat stains: No doubt steam cleaning is highly effective, but it is best to pretreat whatever stains that are already on the fabric and might come off during steam cleaning. Stain removal tips can be found in our blog.
  • High temperature steam cleaning does not require cleaning products. It is the temperature that kills the mites. If you are doing a complete mite treatment followed by a complete furniture cleaning, then you can pretreat the fabric with an appropriate cleaner.
  • Use a Hot water extractor to flush everything out.
  • Wait till the furniture is completely dry before using.

This approach may use chemicals (the cleaning product, the stain removing products). These are toxic in general – make sure you use suitable protection against any likely contact.

Follow the above approach and you will be on the road to mite-free upholstery.