Professional Carpet CleaningPreparing for a Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

So the time has come for you to hire a professional carpet cleaning services, and you are wondering what is the best way to prepare?

We are going to focus on preparing you for the Professional Carpet Cleaning, not who to hire in this article.

  • Before preparing, the number one rule is to confirm the appointment with the Professional Carpet Cleaning company that will provide you with their cleaning services. You don’t want to spend all the time and effort moving items and preparing to have the carpet cleaning service company cancel and reschedule. Even if the company calls the night before, always re-confirm at least 2 hours prior to your carpet cleaning appointment. There are times that equipment will break down even after confirmation the night before. We want to reduce the percentage of your wasted time.
  • Once the appointment is confirmed 2 hours prior to your carpet cleaning appointment, you can begin to move plants and breakables out of the designated carpet cleaning areas. I wouldn’t put your breakables in the hands of strangers.
  • Prepare to have some towels to place over top joining flooring. This is done for a couple of reasons. Reason number 1 is that the over spray of the cleaning solution may damage the finish on the flooring. Reason number 2 is that if for some reason you must walk on a carpet at any point while it is still wet, you will be able to wipe your feet off before returning to the flooring. It will also act as a reminder that flooring, in most cases, becomes extremely slippery when the soles of your feet, slippers, or shoes are damp or wet. This could lead to a nasty slip and fall situation. We do not want you hurt!

That is about all you need to know for preparing for your Carpet Cleaning Service!