Carpet Stain Removal – Tea & Coffee Stains

carpet coffee stains

Carpet Stain Removal – dealing with carpet & tea stains and spills Removing tea and coffee carpet stains is near impossible without professional carpet cleaning services. The stains are an eyesore to everyone who has ever had to deal with this cleaning issue. Home cleaning methods can, and usually cause more damage to the carpet fibers […]

Preparing for a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Preparing for a Professional Carpet Cleaning Services So the time has come for you to hire a professional carpet cleaning services, and you are wondering what is the best way to prepare? We are going to focus on preparing you for the Professional Carpet Cleaning, not who to hire in this article. Before preparing, the number one […]

Professional Carpet Cleaners & Methods

Professional Carpet Cleaners & Methods Owning your own equipment – If you have a high traffic house full of kids and/or pets, you might want to invest in your own home use extractor or cleaning system. Home cleaning units are not capable of cleaning like professional units, but they can go a long way in […]

How often do I use professional Carpet Cleaning Services?

How often do I use professional Carpet Cleaning Services? Carpet Cleaning Services and how often they should be used are really dependent on numerous factors Proper carpet cleaning is important both for the appearance as well as the health of the people who live within a home that have carpets as floor coverings. Stains, spills, […]